​Softball 8U

  • Games will be one hour or five innings whichever comes first

  • An 11-inch ball is used

  • Baseball/Softball pants must be worn.  No exceptions.

  • There is a max of 6 runs per inning

  • Infield players wear a face mask, including the pitcher.

  • Players do not pitch in an 8U league. Pitching is done by the coach for her team. Each player will receive 5 pitches; the coach may choose a maximum of 3 players to use the tee for the last 2 “pitches”. The coach must make every effort not to interfere with a ball in play. If a batted ball hits the coach, the ball is dead and the play is done again.

  • Catchers must wear mask with helmet. 

  •  Batters must wear helmets with face guard.

  • Base runners must stay in contact with the base until the ball is hit; in other words, there is no leading off a base. Runners also cannot steal a base.

  • Sportsmanship is encouraged by coaches, parents and players. 

  • Most importantly have fun.

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