Major League

The oldest of our players participate in the Majors division.  At this stage, JAB baseball very closely mirrors "real" baseball.  Players will receive coaching and assistance on the advanced elements of the game.  Following their years in Majors, players will look to enter Pony Colt divisions of play, or Middle School baseball.

  • Ages 11 to 12

  • Hard game ball

  • 1hr 45min time limit

  • new inning not to start if 95 mins has elapsed UNLESS both sides agree to a drop-dead time limit

  • Umpired games

  • 3 outs per inning

  • Pitchers max 90 pitches per week (both teams encouraged to count both teams and verify between innings)

  • Leadoffs/steals allowed any time

  • Home plate is open (meaning runners can advance at any time on pass balls)

  • Balks called (2 warning/teachings per pitcher) coaches encouraged to teach this properly

  • No dropped 3rd strike

  • MLB rules otherwise unless noted above

Schedules will be determined once registration has been completed.

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