Major League

The oldest of our players participate in the Majors division.  At this stage, JAB baseball very closely mirrors "real" baseball.  Players will receive coaching and assistance on the advanced elements of the game.  Following their years in Majors, players will look to enter Pony Colt divisions of play, or Middle School baseball.

  • Ages 11 to 12

  • With a few exceptions, traditional baseball game rules apply

  • Game scores and season standings are kept.

  • Game play consists of a maximum of 6 innings, if time permits, no new inning may begin after a time limit of 1.5 hours

  • Games may end in a time

  • In the event of inclement weather, games shall be declared official and count in the league standings at the end of 3 completed innings, or if the home time is leading at the end of 2.5 innings

  • Pitchers may throw no more than 3 innings per game.  There is no rule for specific pitch counts, but coaches are expected to exercise good judgement with their players and be mindful that their arms are still developing.  

  • Each pitcher is to receive 1 balk warning.  Umpires are encouraged to be lenient in calling balks and keep in mind that JAB is a teaching-focused league.

  • Standard dropped 3rd strike rules (i.e., 1st base unoccupied)

  • There is no requirement to slide at any base or age level.  It is recommended that players slide on any "play" at a base. for safety reasons, but is not required.

  • Courtesy runners may be used for catchers only.  The runner shall be the player who made the last out.  

  • Free substitutions are allowed.  Pitchers may not return to the mound once removed.

  • 4 outfielders may be used, if a team has 10 or more players.

  • Players shall not argue with any umpire.  Coaches may ask for clarification of rule, application but shall not argue.  Umpires have the right to remove any player or coach from a game for arguing or other unsportsmanlike acts.

  • If a team does not have at least 9 players available for a game, it may borrow players from other teams in the league.  

  • Base and mound distances are 50'  and 70'

  • Participation in the post-season All Star tournament optional.

  • Games are held on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  • Participation in the post-season All Star tournament optional.

  • Camp and games are held on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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