Advanced League

This division of play builds on the fundamentals that players received in the Rookie League.  It is also a good age group for new players of the sport to begin participating.  Players will continue to develop in baseball, social and leadership skills.

  • Ages 7 to 8

  • Game scores and season standings are kept.

  • Participation in the post-season All Star tournament optional.

  • No player evaluations.  Teams are formed by the League.

  • Camp and games are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • If rule is not stated, normal baseball rules apply.

  • Distance between bases will be 60’.

  • There are no umpires the coaches are responsible for keeping track of the outs and instructing the kids and may be on the field while playing the field.

  • The entire roster of players present for the game will be placed in the batting order.  Nine players will be played in the field with free substitution. (If coaches agree to play 10 with 4 outfielders then it will be allowed but not encouraged)

  • Batters are not allowed to bunt or soft swing at the ball. PENALTY: Pitch is called a strike and ball is dead.

  • A Batter shall be declared out after failing to hit a fair ball after 5 pitches.  You CAN NOT be out on a foul ball that is not caught.

  • The advanced league may have a catcher if there is more than 10 on the team and will assume the catcher’s position. There is no dropped third strike rule.

  • Base runners are not permitted to steal a base and shall remain in contact with the base until the ball is past the batter. PENALTY: Runner is out & ball is dead.

  • There is no infield fly rule.

  • Max 6 runs an inning allowed except for the 5th inning when you can score a max of 10.

  • Runner must slide if there is a chance of a play at home. No head first slides, runner will be automatically out.  You may dive back to a base head first.

  • The ball is live on overthrows. 

  • Time limit is 1 hour 10 minutes for Advanced League. If time limit is reached score reverts back to last inning completed

All Games will be played on Mondays and Thursdays

Schedules will be determined once registration has been completed.

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